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Mission, vision & values


Energy is our concern

We are aware that customer satisfaction and environmental care are of crucial importance; therefore our mission was built on both. With years of experience, knowledge and services that adapt to the needs of users, we provide a competitive and quality service that is innovative and environmentally friendly. It ensures for our end users a consistent and reliable energy supply for consumption in the home and at the workplace. We guarantee a reliable energy supply, ensuring peace of mind to our users.


With a vision of excellence on all levels, we aim to satisfy the needs of users and other stakeholders. We are maintaining and strengthening our position as one of the key electricity and natural gas suppliers to customers in Slovenia providing top-quality recognisable products within a comprehensive energy supply and services package. With optimal pricing, professionalism and excellence, we shall maintain our position of being the preferred choice of customers, while further strengthening the lasting confidence of our customers as well.


With a stimulating working environment, team work and an appropriate organisational culture, we are ensuring employee satisfaction for long-term partnerships with our customers. We run the company in a responsible manner in order to achieve the strategic objectives. Our responsibility is to all stakeholders and to the wider social and natural environment as well.